The location: An elegant entrance to an apartment building in the Acropolis area and a modest sign on the elevator do not foreshadow what follows. From the veranda you almost touch the holy rock and the hosts surround you with care.

The atmosphere: They ask you if you want bottled water and they don’t bring it and especially they don’t open it quickly before you have time to react. They ask you if you want bread and if you don’t, they don’t charge you a blanket, as is also required by law. But we suggest you try it. It is freshly baked and accompanied by Greek varieties of olives, marinated with aromatics and sun-dried tomato. They help you choose from the dishes according to your taste preferences, suggest alternatives and restrain you if you start to overdo it with the quantity, subtly urging you to look at the portions first and then decide.

That is, they do the right thing, the ‘out of the box’ for any restaurant that respects its customers. While waiting for the dishes, our gaze meets a grandfather with his grandson at the next table, a group of tourists at another table, businessmen next door and a young couple at a corner table. A restaurant that is appreciated by all age and social classes.

The food: The table is filled with fragrant meatballs with crispy handmade potato chips (without a trace of unnecessary oil), cheese pies with rustic leaves drizzled with thyme honey, Corfu sofrito with buttery mash and spicy and cinnamon pastitsada. The ones stuffed with properly honeyed rice and the soujukaki with fine tomato sauce. Familiar flavors, homemade, in their well-crafted version by Mina and Iuli who source the fresh ingredients and cook daily. A tight menu, without exaggerations and ‘teased’ dishes, which does not ‘shout’ its Greekness through huge titles such as ‘Greek salad with Arta greens, Evia cherry tomatoes and Chanio tyromama’, but supports it with its taste. As for the sweets, they are also homemade in concept and technique: Halva, baklava, orange pie and spoon sweets with yogurt will sweetly end your meal.