Hall Del Vino

Our passion for good wine and its centuries-old connection with the Greek culture gave birth to the idea of ​​creating a space dedicated to wine.

It harmoniously combines the modern era and the nostalgia of the past and has opened its doors to welcome you.

The special decoration, with objects dating back to the 70s and the aura of the great personalities who still honor us with their presence, gives our guests the feeling of a journey through time.

Special and different varieties of wines and spirits, Greek and foreign, will introduce you to tasting and their secrets and
fascinate even the most demanding.

Their unique flavors and aromas combine perfectly with varieties of cheese, as well as with other foods, completing the ultimate dining experience.

For more information regarding tasting experiences in small groups of people, contact us:

  • Days and hours of operation: Wednesday – Saturday after work – 00.00

  • +30 210 9215 256